Remember the Schiphol Fire

The Schipholbrand = Schiphol Fire. This fire in 2005 in a Dutch detention complex for undocumented migrants killed 9 men and 2 women and destroyed the lives of most survivors. We Arte Here, To make a life again. Together as one.


Give a damn! Give a dime!

“Hello! We are here, in a camp, in a tent that is leaking.

Animals live better than we do.

We have to break out!.

We must find our way to the mainland to enter the ordinary world.

We want to build a normal life.”

You can give a hand to refugees in Greece who live in camps or on the streets. We can collect some money and hand over mobile phone credit.

They can connect with their families and make new contacts through the Internet.

And they can tell their story or sing their song weekly on Radio Patapoe.

“I’m still feeling the pressure. The Samos Calling project is very important. People need to receive their Internet again. With communication it’s the right direction. For real!”, says Eze Kay, camp Nea Kavala, Greece, Europe.

 BREAK OUT! The messAge is the struggle!

Stichting M2M

IBAN: NL53 TRIO 0338 5736 07

How can we be surprised?

For Ingeborg Beugel, arrested for hospitality in Greece

When Greece continues to push back migrants in the Aegean Sea`. And against all signs denies it does. While women and children have to hidein the woods on the island of arrival, to stay away from cops and sneak their way to a reception center. Then why would Greeces government not try to intimidate the media that report these deliberate crimes? While people actually die after Greek officials push them back in rudderless rubber boats. Even hand-cuffed.

How can we be surprised, when migrants around Europe are treated like balls in a pinball machine, when Europe’s migration management is nothing but a monster of denial.

Denial of humans, their rights, their lives.

Denial of values, European, Christian , ancient or otherwise.

All parts of the machine, from Frontex to IND, from Samos to Melilla, from IOM to KLM, from EU to China, duly turning the Mediterranean into a killing Sea.

So how? How could we be? Surprised?

If not only Ingeborg is realeased unconditionally of all charges related to her reporting and her hospitality.

If not only Feraidoon finally gets through the whole in the communication wall to be finally registered as an asylum seeker, rather than an undocumented, illegalized, migrant.

If Sigrid Kaag not only asks for apologies and Tineke Strik not only adds a note to her report on push-backs.

Surprising it is when hospitality becomes the rule, again.

When seas are for sailing, swimming and fishing.

When islands are places of leisure, not torture.  Where temporary camps are not replaced by permanent prisons.

When countries are places for people to live and move and meet, not to be hunted or hunter.

When the pursuit of happiness is no longer a crime.

Then we will be surprised.

Look! We did it again.

Thompson Ewoma calling.

During our Ramadan Edition some 15 people in Holland have donated 550 Euro to Samos Calling. M2M transferred the money to Eze Kay and the Team on Samos. They bought 44 slips of phone credit. And distributed them among us in the camp.

Eze Kay and Ingeborg Beugel, face to face for the first time.

Give a call! Donate a dime!

“Hello! We are here, in a camp, in a tent that is leaking. We have to BREAK OUT, but we don’t know how and where to go to. We must find a door to enter the ordinary world. To find a way out and to build a normal life.”

You can give a hand to refugees in Greece who live in camps or on the streets. We can collect some money and deliver mobile phone credit. They can make new contacts through the Internet. And they can speak or sing on Radio Patapoe.

“Phone with internet make I see more wonders”, according to Eze Kay, Tent 91, camp Vathy, Samos, Greece, Europe.


Stichting M2M IBAN: NL53 TRIO 0338 5736 07



Radio Patapoe and Migrant 2 Migrant started the pilot programme SAMOS CALLING in February, with weekly presentations on our current affairs radio show Patapoe Serieus Je Maintiendrai (PSJM) and a call through citizens’ initiative Hulpkaravaan Griekenland. This coughed up € 250,- for phone credit in 20 refugee phones.
The local network and expertise of Hulpkaravaan on the island of Samos connected us with the first target group within camp Vathy. Our common aim is to cultivate empowerment, to stimulate self-organisation and freedom of expression.


As resourceful campaigners and media activists, we try to forge links that stimulate creativity. We prefer mutuality above charity, we like solidarity more than just helping. We like to facilitate where possible and are privileged enough to encounter this programme unconditionally. We are eager to get things done, on the ground. With the internet access and live phone calls that we can share with the people in and around the camp on Samos, we can come close to being a positive force forward.

The distance in miles and difference in perspective between us in Holland and the refugees in and around the camp on Samos is enormous in many ways. It is hard for us to imagine how to live in the camp, to feel what it means to be in that kind of miserable situation. But we can try to understand, to find out and find a way to support. Listen, for example, to the up-to-dateness in the raps of Eze Kay.


Ramadan, the month in which the Qur’an was sent down. The book that comforts the needy in their suffering and reminds the beneficiary of gratitude. Ramadan.

A month in which sadaqa has an unprecedented value. A month of fraternisation. After all, the month that is of great value to the giver and he who receives the sadaqa. The month that every heart, from every corner of the world, longs for.

Breaking the fast is something we do together.

Our Ramadan programme is all about sharing our iftar table with needy people, in this case on a Greek island.
Ramadan, a month of unprecedented blessings.

The next move of our collective programme is to collect some dough for phone credit or top-ups during the month of Ramadan (April 13 – May 12).

The aim is to raise € 500,- before Eid-al-Fitr and Ascension Day.
Now is the time to contribute to THE RAMADAN EDITION.


New initiative Samos Calling: a successful pilot operation.

Give a call, donate a dime! Let’s keep in contact!
Stichting M2M: IBAN: NL53 TRIO 0338 5736 07 BIC TRIONL2U ref. Samos Calling
Stichting Hulpkaravaan: IBAN: NL82 TRIO 0391 0793 79 BIC TRIONL2U ref. Samos Calling

Refugees receive first phone credits

Amsterdam/Samos, 27th of March 2021

Twenty refugees living in the Vathy Camp on the Greek island of Samos received €12,50 of phone credit from a new initiative called SAMOS CALLING. This initiative of Migrant 2 Migrant (M2M), Radio Patapoe  and Stichting Hulpkaravaan aims to bolster the communication capacity of refugees, to make their voices heard and create connections. 

The first 20 slips were given on Saturday 27th of March to refugees who are stuck in the camp but receive no monthly allowance of €75,- from UNHCR. There are two ways to become penniless: 1) because you have two rejections of your asylum request, or 2) because you have been granted a residence permit by Greek authorities. With no money and no camp food, you are dependent on the goodwill of others. You should leave the camp but have no place to go to. With the help of some phone credit, they can contact their family and share their stories with the world.

Through Radio Patapoe and other platforms it’s possible to share their feelings and dreams to find a way out of a camp that was built for 645 people but is now overcrowded with more than 3000 humans.  

Radio Patapoe’s weekly program PSJM brings you updates from its Greek correspondent, professional journalist Ingeborg Beugel based on the island Hydra. Triggered by her call for help in December 2020, a collaborative way was found to both support refugees, give them an outlet to the world and make the radio program even more useful as well!

Eze Kay, our first agent in the camp, turns out to be a fantastic rapper, as you can hear from the songs he produced back in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and also his live, raw “camp raps” on Radio Patapoe about his life and ambitions.

Erika Mauritz, the coordinator of Hulpkaravaan Griekenland, a citizens’ initiative which has the main purpose to support local and refugee volunteer groups in Greece and delivers aid parcels from Holland to various hotspots in Greece, organized the contacts on the ground to facilitate the purchase and handover of phone credit to the refugees.

Eze Kay and his friend AY  collected 57 names and telephone numbers of men and women from various countries, both English and French speakers. Their communication platform is a WhatsApp group called Samos Calling.

Between Eze Kay, Erika and Jo van der Spek (who runs M2M), the best procedure is tuned on how to make sure that the transfer of credit would be secure, safe and fair for all involved.

€270,- had already been collected from listeners and other donors, which was sufficient for the neediest 20 among the 57 members of the group. The others would have to wait till the next round of funding, giving priority to those with no income at all.

Barbara Zreik, the coordinator of We for kids, a grassroots charity cooking for kids in the camp, and trusted partner of Hulpkaravaan, then received the collected money and went to the local Vodafone shop with a delegation of refugees. She bought 20 credit slips and handed them over to those present. Those who could not come down to the shop received the code of the slips on their phone. 

We are happy to share the cheerful voices and smiling faces that were the immediate result of this important pilot operation!

A musician in a camp, composing in his mind, waiting to break out.

Best rapper Eze Kay from Sierra Leone stuck in camp Vathy on Samos. Listen on Radio Patapoe.

The message is the struggle

Eze Kay in action, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Samos Calling

We would like to introduce a new initiative of M2M (Migrant 2 Migrant) in collaboration with Radio Patapoe, both based in Amsterdam, Europe. Watch out, it is a tactical media campaign

Triggered by our Greek correspondent, professional journalist Ingeborg Beugel, we looked for a collaborative way to both support refugees in Greek horror camps and give them an outlet to the world.

And make our radio program better as well!

First, we collected a few bucks in donations. Then we tried to send phone credit directly to a refugee in camp Vathy on Samos. Eze Kay from Sierra Leone, a friend of Ingeborg. This did not work for 2 reasons. Western Union is the only transfer company on Samos and their security policy prevents this kind of transfers. Besides most refugees do not have a valid ID. But we will find a way, with the generous help of some volunteers and Hulpkaravaan.

Our aim is to support the communication capacity of refugees without intervening banks, institutions or even NGO’s. This may create a space for independent self-organization and connections between donors and receivers that are more equal.

Eze Kay, our first agent in the camp, turns out to be a fantastic rapper, as you can hear in this a cappella rap about life in this horror camp and his own situation.

Then, my good comrade  Geert Lovink brought Crypto Art to my attention. Eureka! Selling your digital art on line.

What if we could help Eze Kay, and other artists, to sell their work as Crypto Art?

My dream is to open an avenue for self-smuggling artists on the run, using the rewards of crypto art to find their way to life, fame and happiness for all!

If you can help us you are welcome to contact us at

For donations, check the website of M2M:

Bank: NL53TRIO0338573607 of M2M, ref. SAMOS Calling

Herdenk de Schipholbrand

Op 26 oktober 2005 ging ’s avonds laat in het cellencomplex op Schiphol-Oost het brandalarm af. Er vielen elf doden. Het gebouw is inmiddels verplaatst naar Schiphol-West, maar vlakbij de oude plek staat een klein monument achter Breguetlaan 67 tegenover de Shellpomp in Oude Meer. Daar is op zaterdag 26 oktober om 19.00 uur de sobere herdenking, ongeveer een half uur. Hoogtepunt is het noemen van de elf namen van de slachtoffers met een kaars en bloem. Protestkoor Morrend Volk werkt weer mee.

In het Platform Vluchtelingen Haarlemmermeer werken samen Amnesty International Hoofddorp, Haarlemmermeerse Raden van Kerken, Caritas Haarlemmermeer, Humanistisch Verbond Haarlemmerland, P-Punt, Stichting Amalia, SMOM, Marhaba en Vluchtelingenwerk Haarlemmermeer.

Voor alle informatie zie

Wie erbij wil zijn nodigen we uit om bloemen mee te nemen.

Mustapha Mujahid, Cheikh Papa Sakho en Jo van der Spek gaven in oktober 2018 een presentatie over de Schipholbrand in de Basis voor Aktuele Kunst in Utrecht. In het Engels.

In deze video registratie beginnen we bij 31.37

Propositions #7/3: Testify – Ana Naomi de Sousa and Migrant 2 Migrant Foundation


On Friday the 26th of October, the Schiphol People commemorated the Schiphol Fire of 2005.

This fire in detention complex Schiphol Oost killed 11 illegalized migrants, and destroyed the lives of many survivors. STOP DETENTION of illegalized migrants.

We come together with friends from the Haarlemmermeer at the monument at Schiphol Oost at 7 p.m.

The monument is located at Ten Pol 1438AH, Oude Meer. Parking at Breguetlaan.

We are here

To make a life again

Together as one

Giovanni Sollima speelt op de Cello Biennale in het Muziekgebouw, in de hal van het Centraal Station en hieronder in de gang van metrostation Shaffy (aka Vijzelgracht). Hij komt uit Palermo en heeft alles gezien in Lampedusa.

De herdenking op 26 oktober 2017

Op de foto hieronder  Cindy Kerseborn en Mustapha Mujahid. Ook Gladys en Stanley Toekaja waren erbij. M2M bracht stickers aan met het logo en de QR Code die verwijst naar deze site.

In de nacht van 26 op 27 oktober 2005, op Schiphol Oost:

‘Achteruit jij, anders schiet ik je door je kop.’ De marechaussee blaft zijn woorden in mijn gezicht. Voor ik het weet, kijk ik in de loop van een geweer. De ogen van de man staan strak en ik verstijf van angst. Velen van ons zijn op tijd uit onze cellen bevrijd, maar we zijn nog niet compleet. Ik hoor het gegil en geschreeuw van de mensen die nog vastzitten. Ik hoor het gebonk van hun machteloze vuisten op de deuren. Ik moet terug. Hier mogen geen mensen doodgaan. Ineens denk ik aan de Oekraïense vrouw en mijn gedachten gaan terug naar woensdagmiddag. Toen heb ik haar nog gezien in de recreatieruimte. In tranen bij het afscheid van haar man.

Dat beeld grijpt me bij de keel. Zij zit nog vast, maar deze vrouw moet mee. Ik wil niet dat ze doodgaat. Het mag niet. Het kan niet. Ik wil naar haar toe. ‘Die vrouw in cel 14 moeten we redden’, schreeuw ik tegen de rest.

Maar ik krijg de kans niet. Voor ik weet wat er gebeurt, wordt er een dienstwapen getrokken en op mij gericht. Binnen een half uur kijk ik twee keer de dood in de ogen. Ik ben gevlucht uit een brandende cel en nu dreig ik te worden doodgeschoten. En dat alleen maar omdat ik iemands leven wil redden.

Proloog van het boek  #Alarmbellen, het verhaal van Chafik Chnachi, opgetekend door Yvonne de Haan.

De komende herdenking is op 26 oktober, bij het monument.

Verzamelen om 17 uur bij M2M, van Ostadestraat 49, 1072SN Amsterdam.

De laatste herdenking  was op vrijdag 28 oktober 2016  in Casa Migrante in de Van Ostadestraat 268 in Amsterdam.


Padre Theo Beusink van Casa Migrante was zo vriendelijk  ons zijn mooie ruimte aan te bieden. Padre Theo is nauw betrokken bij de brand, o.a. doordat hij Maribel kende. Hij verwelkomt ons, met een aanmoedigend woord.


’s Middags bezochten we het monument op Schiphol Oost.



In de mooie bibliotheek van Casa Migrante was een tentoonstelling met kunstwerken van o.a. Papa Sakho, Corina Karstenberg en Roland van den Berghe.

Jo van der Spek van M2M presenteerde deze nieuwe website:


Mustapha Mujahid (op de foto hierboven), Walied Edries (klik op zijn naam en luister naar hem) Chafik Chnachi (foto hierboven bij het monument) vertelden over hun ervaringen tijdens en na de brand.


Fazal Babak vertelde wat hij de afgelopen 11 jaar geleerd heeft.

Pierre Valkering, pastor van de RK Parochie Koningin van de Vrede, vertelde over zijn ontmoeting met Paus Francisco.


De luchtfoto hierboven geeft een beeld van na de sloop van de gevangenis.

Als je goed Frans, Engels of Arabisch of  Spaans kunt schrijven, help ons dan SVP met het vertalen van deze pagina. Bedankt!  

Bij het monument

Het Platform Vluchtelingen Haarlemmermeer organiseerde op woensdag 26 oktober om 7 uur ’s avonds  ook een korte samenkomst bij het monument.

Papa Sakho: “They ask me do I feel good. Do I feel good? People die!”
Papa Sakho was de enige overlevende bij de korte herdenking van de Schipholbrand bij het monument op Schiphol Oost.

Herdenking Schipholbrand op 26 oktober 2016. Foto Rob van Wieringen (Haarlems Dagblad)
Herdenking Schipholbrand op 26 oktober 2016. Foto Rob van Wieringen (Haarlems Dagblad)

We are Here
To make a life again.
Together as one.

Luister naar de speech van Jo en Sakho, onder het lawaai van de landende vliegtuigen…


De belangstelling voor de brand is nog steeds groot. De ramp is niet vergeten. Maar de lessen zijn nog niet geleerd. Want nog steeds worden afgewezen vluchtelingen en andere mensen zonder de juiste papieren opgesloten in gevangenissen, en nog steeds is er brandgevaar.

Revijara Oosterhuis van Stichting LOS schreef ons “Top dat jullie dit doen! Zijn jullie wel op de hoogte van het rapport dat wij zojuist hebben uitgebracht? Waarin wij concluderen dat de Lessen Schipholbrand in de wind geslagen zijn. Misschien vinden jullie het leuk om hier ook aandacht aan te besteden.

Chafiq Chnachi heeft een boek gemaakt over zijn leven in en na de brand. Het heet #Alarmbellen. Het is te koop via  voor 16,50 Euro.

Migrant to Migrant

Papa Sakho en Jo van der Spek  zijn nog steeds actief als M2M, Migrant to Migrant.


Stichting M2M ondersteunt ook de beweging Wij Zijn Hier in Amsterdam in hun streven naar een Normal Life. We willen ook weer radio uitzendingen gaan maken, zoals vroeger in het Blauwe Huis.


We Are Here

To Make a Life Again

Together as One

Hartelijke groeten van Papa Sakho en Jo van der Spek

Jo =  m2m<a>

Sakho =   papasakho10<a>

M2M Migrant 2 Migrant

Address: Van Ostadestraat 49c

1072SN Amsterdam NL

Dit zijn de namen:!.html#slachtoffers

Het rapport van de Onderzoeksraad voor Veiligheid:

Het monument vind je op Ten Pol 1438AH, Oude Meer